Tuesday, May 22, 2012

4Wheel Jamboree

This past weekend we headed down to Lima, OH for the annual 4Wheel Jamboree with Greg from ZFS, his wife, and we hung out with 4 other couples as well.  Unfortunately the Bronco is being worked on so we didn't take it along. 
 But as you can see the trailor was pretty full!
 We seen a lot of monster trucks...
and plenty of good 'ole redneck trucks!
Kids as young as 7 drive these...crazy!

 And you could go for rides in this one.  The whole weekend we kept saying how much Carter would have had a blast. 
 Friday night we went to dinner across the street from our hotel.  The owner's father was seated next to us and bought all 12 of us our first round of drinks...yum!
 The gang.
 And of course there are the crazy's that probably have more money into their trucks than their own house!
 And most kids ride around in these monster wagons...there were a ton of them!
 We watched a few of the monster trucks race.
 But mostly chilled out and socialized.  
 Had  to take a picture of Mater for Trey. :)
 Another big one!  There had to have been 1,000's there. 
 And Carter so excited about his new toy!
I wasn't sure what the weekend was going to be all about but we had a blast.  It was so nice to have no schedule and never to be in a hurry or get kids ready, eat in peace...etc!  Thank you to mom and dad Meeuwsen for taking the kids all weekend!  We met some great new friends and are already planning our trip to the next one!

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