Thursday, January 10, 2008

...and the nursery after!

After mom and dad left last night I quick put everything else together in the nursery to surprise Brian (except the stuff I needed hung on the walls). Here are some pics of the nursery thus far...a few things we need to add yet but we have a great start!

A couple of our Christmas gifts...I always had this painting by Joel Tanis in my bedroom at my parents house and I never did anything with it so my mom had it framed and matted and gave it to us for Christmas. The colors go perfect with the nursery.
And Brian made sure we put up the aquarium on the crib. That was a gift from mom and dad Meeuwsen.

Here is a pic of the dresser we put together.

And the closet that is slowly getting filled.


Anonymous said...

Looks great guys! Can't wait to see if Baby Meeuwsen will be a he or a she! :) We need to get together soon!

DeWitt Family said...

Kelly is looks perfect!! I love the bright colors! I'm sure Brian was excited to see all the work you did while he was bowling. Can't wait to see the nursery in person. So, jealous of the bead board!!!