Tuesday, January 15, 2008


I know I have mentioned it before but I do have one of the best friends ever. Jen made me these curtains for my birthday. We have had them up for a while but just took pics of them. These are in our living room. She made pillows to match too. We are going to paint some walls the green color this weekend so we shall see how it looks...I am kind of nervous but our house needs a little color. I couldn't believe how much the curtains added to our living room. Thursday Jen came over with the curtains for the nursery. Are they not adorable? She also made a cushion for the rocking chair and pillows for the crib. I am so excited about them. Now Brian has her working on some curtains for the kitchen. :o) She self taught herself everything and it blows me away. Between her and Tim they could start their own business! Thanks for being such great friends you guys....you know Brian and I couldn't do half of what you guys do!

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Anonymous said...

The nursery looks FABULOUS! Great work and I love the extras that Jenny made!
-laura bindon