Tuesday, January 29, 2008

A Big Heart

Well for one day we had a Nintendo Wii. Someone from Brian's work found a couple and let Brian buy one. On Saturday we had talked about how much my cousin was looking for one and on our way to church on Sunday Brian got the call that he had one. Then our sermon was about sharing and then Brian was showered with birthday gifts that he had a big enough heart to bring it to my cousin last night and surprise her. He sure made her day! I told him in a month or so if he still wants one he can gladly go buy one....I have a feeling a big TV might be part of the deal too. :o) We have enough friends that have them so we will just have to play theirs for now. God has truly blessed us with so many things in life that we will be just fine without at Wii.

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DeWitt Family said...

Brian that was pretty thoughtful of you. I'll have Jason keep an eye out for another one for you.