Monday, April 14, 2008

Newborn pics

Last week we had pictures taken for birth announcements for Carter by Carlia Schippers. She does my neighbors girls pics and I love them and wanted something different than the traditional Sears pics and my parents bought us a package to her so as part of the package she does newborn pics and creates announcements for us. If you go to one of our pics is the first one that comes up. Then under galleries > children > I think one of our pics is the 13th one down and under galleries > families > ours is the last pic if you scroll down. I am waiting for her to send me the log in for the proofs so this is all I have seen so far but we LOVE them and can't wait to see the rest of them.


The Lucas Family said...

LOOOVE the pics Kel! They turned out great! Maybe I'll have to check her out for Alyssa's 6 month pics. You guys look great :) What a nice gift from your parnets!

Heidi said...

What great pictures! They turned out awesome! I'd love to see more :)I've been taking Caden to Sears, and they turn out fine, but there's definitely a noticable difference from Sears to something more professional like yours! They're beautiful!

DeWitt Family said...

Kelly the pictures are great!!! I love the family picture you all look just perfect. What a cute family you make.