Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Walks, walks, and more walks!

What have we been up to? Walking! And lots of play dates for Carter. Last week we went to walk with Jacob and Martha; Monday Beth and Jax came over for a nice long walk and today we went with Vicki and Alyssa and ran into Haley and Addison on the way! We have also taken a couple of walks with grandma (my mom) too....all is helping shed off those pregnancy pounds! We are truly loving this weather and are so excited to get out every day. I laid out for a little bit today and am a little red and loving it! I feel so pasty! Sorry...I forgot to take pictures of all and any of our play dates/walks...I even had my camera every time!


Haley said...

It was so fun to run into you and Carter!! He's such a CUTE little sure seem like you're loving being a mommy!

DeWitt Family said...

You sure are making the rounds with your walking. Hope to catch up with you again soon!!