Monday, June 30, 2008

Big Star and a birthday

This weekend DeWitt's invited us up to the cottage at Big Star so we left Friday morning and enjoyed a fun weekend with them . The weather could have been a little nicer but we did catch some sun and the boys were able to have some fun on the boat. Friday night Carter thought he would share his tub with Jacob. It was quite hilarious as Carter just sat there wondering what was going on as Jacob kicked and splashed.

The two dudes in their cute suits and hats.
On Saturday Brian and Jason went to Silver Lake dunes for the day to ride around in Jason's truck. I think it brought back highschool memories for the two. Martha and I couldn't figure out how they could be their so long and keep entertained. : )
It was my birthday on Saturday so they surprised me with a birthday cake. (Don't mind the no make up, bad hair day picture). Brian and Carter bought me a bike trailer so we can take him on bike rides. I am excited to use it and will post pictures once we put it together.
Our little cutie.
Sunday was chilly but it finally warmed up a little for the guys to do some knee boarding and surfing. Jason almost got up on the surf board...I give him credit for trying so hard!

And last night we came home, showered and ate and then went to my parents for ice cream cake! Yum!
Tonight Kathy and I are going for pedicures and ice cream for our birthday gifts to each other so it will be nice to relax after a busy weekend!


Haley said...

Happy Belated B-Day Kelly!

DeWitt Family said...

Thanks for coming up to the cottage with us, we had a lot of fun. Wish we could have order better weather for your birthday!!