Monday, October 13, 2008

Last week in review

Nothing too exciting happening lately but Carter has been keeping us busy. We started baby food this week and he LOVES it. I think we have tried about every fruit and veggie and he eats all of them so its great!

We have been hanging with Jen on our days off and Carter loves to sit by the window and antagonize the cat. I have some video of him laughing like crazy and its so sticken cute.
Saturday night we had Jeff's (from ZFS) wedding in GR. Fowler's rode with us and we met up with Josh and Bobbie Jo at the reception. Jeff bowls on Wed. nights with Brian, Heathe and Josh.
Me, Bobbie Jo, & Briana
Jeff and Amy

Yesterday our neighbor girl Sydney (Big Syd as we call her) turned one so we went over there for lunch. Her and Carter are starting to interact with each other so its really cute.


The VanderZwaags said...

Fun weekend!!! Are you so busy now you can only post weekly?? :) I love watching them much fun!!! They grow too quickly!

The Rotman's said...

I love the pic of Carter with carrots or sweet potato on his face. Too cute. It's great that he is digging baby food. It's so much fun watching them try something new. Sounds like he has a new little buddy visit... very exciting stuff. I figured you'd have a post of that but not as f yet. I'll have to check back. :-)