Monday, October 20, 2008

Our rainy day activity

Well I had high hopes of taking Carter outside today and taking pictures in the leaves, by the pumpkins, mums, etc. but after lunch I noticed it was raining. So what's better? Baking! Carter loves to sit in his hook on chair by the counter so he stayed busy licking the spatula for me (just kidding!) and we had fun making cookies! Yep, we are both still in our PJ's...I LOVE lazy days of just me and him playing and hanging out together.

and Rachel just for the record that's 5 posts in the last week! :)


The VanderZwaags said...

Are you mocking me???? I had the day off too because Morgan had to go to the dr. I'm loving being home!!! I wish I could do it all the time!!!!! I can't believe how big Carter is getting...they grow up WAY too quickly!

The VanderZwaags said...

Thanks for not mocking me!!!! I will let it go that you haven't been posting much!!! Someone needs to watch Jen & Liam!!!