Friday, October 3, 2008

So big!

First of all a big THANK YOU to everyone for the cards, emails, comments, phone calls, etc. with the loss of our grandpa. Our family was overwhelmed by the turn out at visitation and the funeral. Grandpa touched a lot of lives and it was so nice for everyone to come out and show their love to my grandma.

After the funeral on Tuesday I picked up Carter and went back to my grandmas. My mom plunked him on the floor and he sat by himself! He thought he was quite big stuff.

Last night we went downtown Zeeland for pumpkin fest with DeWitts and it was a bit chilly so we warmed up and ate dinner at Franks. This was Carter's first time in a high chair so he thought he was pretty cool. We hoped to get some more pics but it was just too cold. Hopefully Saturday (look for us on the ZFS float!).

Since Carter is sitting pretty good we switched bath tubs. This one is just a nice little inflatable one so you don't have to fill the whole tub. We put bubbles and toys in it and he was in his glory!


The Lucas Family said...

YAY Carter! He looks like such a little man sitting in his high chair and sitting on his own. How fun! Can't wait to have a playdate :)

Heidi said...

Carter looks so old now that he's sitting! That's so much fun!