Saturday, November 1, 2008

Carter's first Halloween

Despite Carter having a head cold we still survived Halloween and he was a trooper, well actually a Monkey!

Here is a recap of our busy day. First here are the treats that I made to give to everyone. I kind of felt guilty getting candy that obviously Carter wouldn't eat so I made witches on sticks for everyone. We started off the day with Jackson the giraffe visiting.

Then it was off to visit Great Grandma at Bibles for Mexico and then to Great Aunt Betty's house.
Then we stopped at FRC and then headed to daddy's work to see daddy and grandpa and meet up with Karinda as Dorothy and Kylie as Sleeping Beauty.

Then we went to Great Grandma Top's house and Grandma Meeuwsen was there as well. Carter was sleeping when we stopped at Great Grandma Meeuwsen's house so he just stayed in the car.

Then it was home for a nap and we were off again! We went to Great Uncle Ken and Aunt Pam's house and then to Mark and Debi's where Carter's girlfriend Norah was! She was the cutiest little white tail deer! All she wanted to do was get Carter...she is so funny!

Then we ended the night at Grandpa and Grandma De Jonge's.

Aunt Kim and Uncle Mike stopped by on their way home to give Carter a whole bucket full of goodies.

And, our little family. Overall Carter made out better than his parents! He got tons of baby food, bibs, socks, mittens, and even money!!!
We had hoped to visit a lot more people but it takes longer than we thought so sorry if we didn't stop to see you!


Wilson said...

Hi Kelli,
The pictures are great! Carter made alot of stops for his first Trick or Treat outing. I would have visited you at Grandma Top's house, but I was at Tanya's that day.


Heidi said...

wow you guys had a busy day! carter looks adorable! :)

jodi said...

what an adorable costume! Carter's looking so big!!!!! Where has the time gone! He definitely looks like a happy little guy:)