Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Where's the tree?

The Christmas tree that is! Carter and I did some serious shopping today. What else is better to do on a cold, rainy day? Daddy is gone to Iowa with Jason De Witt to scope out the deer for the December hunt so we thought we better go shopping! I got so much done and I even got them wrapped! With a couple things I ordered online I think I can cross about 5 people off my list! Yeah! Carter was an excellent shopper too...I know next year will be a different story!And what has Carter been up to? He loves to sit and play and this week he just started to say more consonants and is doing more 'talking'. He is growing like a weed. He still doesn't like to roll...only if you really really want him too. He is still a GREAT sleeper and takes two great naps every day. I am trying to get rid of the mid evening cat nap before the far he is doing pretty good. By 8 he is definitely ready for bed. His hair is REALLY coming in too...I have been having fun with gel and mousse! Still no teeth and I can't feel any coming. I checked my baby book and my two bottom ones came in at 5 1/2 months. According to my growth (unfortunately Brian doesn't have a baby book) he is pretty close to what I was each month....just a touch bigger. Some days he is a mama's boy; I told Brian he can't complain b/c we all know he is a BIG mama's boy. We LOVE Carter to pieces and are enjoying each and every stage. He is such a blessing from God; we can't imagine our life without him. Oh and yep, he still sucks those two middle fingers...I am surprised they haven't fallen off! Ha, ha.


The VanderZwaags said...

welcome back!!! :) You make me so jealous! I have two presents done and those are little ones for Morgan! I have time yet right??? If it is any help...Morgan didn't get any teeth until 9 months and the two bottom ones popped in at the same time!

Heidi said...

Kelly that makes me sick that you have gifts bought and wrapped already!!! Way to go! :) Carter is such a cutie!

The Rotman's said...

Carter is too cute. It's fun that he's a mama's boy. Boys, in my house anyway, tend to be. Enjoy every moment of it. Go you for getting a jump start on Christmas shopping and even the wrapping. It won't be long... If you're like me you're probably assuming Carter will start crawling as soon as you get the tree up. Fun times to come... the bottom of your tree will have to be bare if that's the case. The shiny ornaments tend to be very enticing to babies.