Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Lovin' Liam

Today I got to go see Liam with Jen again. He is getting so BIG!!! I couldn't believe how much he has changed in two weeks. He is doing SO GOOD too! They were hopefully going to circumsize him tonight and he was going to get moved to the fourth more step to coming home! Jen was excited b/c she was on the fourth floor while on bed rest so she will get to see all her old nurses. We stayed for two of his 'care' times today and went for lunch in between and to visit Debi at Lemmen Holton; she gave me a tour...what a beautiful place! When we came back from lunch Jen had to go take care of 'making dinner' for Liam so I got to have him all to myself! The nurse was on lunch so I had 3 babies to tend too! Good thing they all behaved! :) It was so fun to get to rock and hold him for a while. One baby in his room was born 7/24 and is still on oxygen but hopefully going home soon; I just wanted to hold him so bad and it made my heart ache that he just lays there all day and he is 3.5 months! It made Jen and I so thankful for Liam's good health and he should be going home within the next few weeks. So please continue to pray for Liam and all those other little babies that are there. Oh and two nurses thought we were sisters...we get it so often that we just say, yep!

Here's a few pics. I absolutely LOVE the one of Jen and Liam. Isn't she a beautiful, happy mommy?!

Thanks to Vicki and Alyssa for watching Carter too! They wore him right out...the kid actually fell asleep taking a bottle tonight!

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The VanderZwaags said...

You guys still over there??? You haven't posted in a while and I figured it is my job to get on you for that!!! Hope things are going well and you are staying warm!