Monday, December 22, 2008

Sick of being stuck inside

Well what can I say...not much! I have to say I have enjoyed not wearing make up for three days but tomorrow is back to the working world. Hopefully the roads are okay. This post is very random..just some pics of the last few days.

We have enjoyed watching the deer in our backyard. They come about every morning and afternoon. As you can see they really need to dig for food! They are pretty good size doe so hopefully one is in our freezer by the end of the month. :)

Today I about had it with Carter so I threw him outside in a snow pile.

Ha,ha....just kidding! We needed some fresh air so we went out for a few minutes and took some pics. He wasn't sure what to think.

Don't worry grandmas...I was pretty creative how I put him in the snow.

I think Carter is teething b/c we have been dealing with a runny nose and rosy cheeks. So tonight we let him sit and watch his Baby Einstein movie with his blankies. It's so cute to see him sit there and watch it and suck away at his fingers.

And our lovely fridge full of Christmas cards. Can you spot yours? I LOVE getting picture cards and I love to decorate our fridge with them!

Tonight while I was making dinner I had some supervisors...quite the management team, eh?

Brian has a potluck tomorrow at work so I made these little cheesecakes. Super easy and fun to decorate. as always!


Unknown said...

I love that close up picture of Carter. He is so cute!!!!!

The VanderZwaags said...

Carter is so stinking cute and getting so big!!! Love the picture of him in the snow! Morgan doesn't really care for it but neither do I! Hope the teeth put in soon!!! Dr. Motrin is your friend!! :)
Have Brian tell Eddie to bring one of those cheesecakes home!! :)

The VanderZwaags said...

oh my...I need help! teeth pop in soon!!!

Also, what a pretty picture with the deer!

The Bursleys and Family said...

Oh my word Kelly, does Carter suck his middle finger and ring finger? IF so Jess did the same thing, she would get little blisters..well not blisters but scars or bumps or something on the top of them from sucking on them so hard. You should ask Jen I am sure she remembers this. Is Carter always so happy? He is so cute. And you need to start a show with all your time in the kitchen. :)