Friday, February 13, 2009

Birthday with the DeJonge's

Sorry I have been a blog slacker lately...frankly this winter is lasting way too long! I feel so out of touch with friends sometime! Thankfully we are going to have a play date with Jacob and Deacon today...much needed! And due to some changes at work I have picked up another day so that makes things busy too. Oh and Brian's sports, my aerobics...we hardly have time for ourselves! Anyway, enough excuses!

Sunday we had my family over for Brian's birthday. He didn't want a birthday cake but rather coconut cream pie so I slaved away and made one. :) I never made one before but I have to say it turned out pretty good!

After lunch mom and dad were full of souveniors from their vacation to Puerto Vallarta. My mom won a football at the super bowl party for Carter. The guys got t-shirts and the girls got jewelry. You can never be too old for souvenirs!

And lastly I finally video taped Brian giving Carter power throws. I rotated the video but now that its on here its sideways again. So you'll have to turn your head! Carter LOVES to be thrown in the air!

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DeWitt Family said...

Thanks for coming over today. Hopefully spring will come soon and we will see more of the Meeuwsens.