Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Poem by Carter

When I got to work today I got an email from Carter (Brian) that he had wrote a poem for his mommy. I just had to post this (sorry Brian) b/c it was too sweet.

It said: What Tuesday means to Blu (that's what Brian calls him) :)

Together with mom
U are the best mom ever
Excited to see your smiling face when I wake up from my naps
So sad to see you leave
Dad is good but you are the best
Always loving me


Jeff, Kylie, Parker, Griffin and Tessa said...

How stinkin cute! The poem and Carter!

The VanderZwaags said...

How cute!!! Did Brain do something that he needs to ask forgiveness for?? :)

The Rotman's said...

That's so precious. What sweet boy's you have. :-)