Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Weekend Getaway

This past weekend we headed up to the Blue Beaver Lodge (Eric and Kate's place) with Brian's family. When we arrived Friday night the girls had the cabin all decorated for Brian's birthday and they all had their party hats on. I scrounged up 3 candles and a few decorations for the cake...pathetic, I know! But mom's cake was awesome as always! The girls absolutely adore Carter. It is so cute. Karinda loved to read stories to him. She is such a good reader! I know I couldn't read like that in Kindergarten!Brian and mom playing some Guess Who? You can never be too old for games!Kate got the flu while we were up there so I took the girls outside on Saturday to play in the snow. The snow was so deep up there! We built a pretty cool fort complete with seats, windows, and a tunnel. Here is Kylie peaking through the window. Karinda climbing through the fort. The girls loved to play the Wii and we even talked Grandpa into bowling. He didn't do to bad!It was nice to get away and just relax. The guys did quite a bit of snowmobiling and they even convinced me to go out with them Saturday night. I had a blast!

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