Sunday, May 3, 2009

Dandelion Festival

Saturday morning we headed downtown Borculo for the annual Dandelion Festival. First we ate at the pancake breakfast and then we headed outside for a few games and a pony ride. This duck game was about the only game he could play and of course he loved to play in the water and eat the ducks.

Our neighbors showed up and Sydney wanted to ride in the wagon so I took them to go see the calves.
Carter even got to ride the pony. He loved to pet his hair and ride with no hands thinking he was such big stuff. Daddy had to walk with him b/c I am deathly allergic to those things!

Then it was time for the parade. Carter had fun sitting by Aunt Kim eating the candy and watching all the big trucks. He loved all the noise....good practice for the Tulip Time parades!

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