Friday, May 8, 2009

Tulip Time '09

First off blogger is so annoying and always puts my pics on here in reverse order...they are all of Tulip Time so I guess it doesn't really matter.

So far we have made it downtown 3 times and plan to go again tonight with my family and some friends. Here is Carter on Wednesday watching the parade. He LOVED it and wanted to be part of it...especially all the street scrubbers...we just may have to do that next year. Wed. turned out to be beautiful and was actually hot! Carter was down to his onesee by the time we left.

Tuesday night Carter and I went downtown to watch Jenni dance. Here she is with all the kids of which she made their costumes. From left to right: Carter, Rylie, Norah, Liam and Cameron.
Here are all the mommies with the babies. I know...I am the only one without a costume. Jenn on the far left is wearing mine! :)

Jen with the three dutch boys. Liam is wearing the costume Carter wore last year. Carter was 6 weeks, Liam is 6 months!

LOVE this one with Jen and Carter.

Saturday night we went downtown with Tim, Jen and Liam to eat junk food and take some pics. It was hard to get any of the boys together.

We may owe the city some money. Oops!


Wilson said...

The pictures are great. What a cute little Dutch boy!
You're a wonderful stimulator for Holland's economy!


DeWitt Family said...

What a cute little dutch boy!! Carter looks so good in green!