Wednesday, May 13, 2009

A weekend full of events

Phew...we have had a busy few days! We started off on Saturday night throwing a 30th surprise party for my brother Mike. Here is the cake that took me FOREVER but I think it turned out pretty good.

Here is the half sheet cake I made to go along with the time I got to this one I was sick of decorating so it wasn't as fancy.
My dad and Mitch were in charge of keeping him busy all day. Kim told him the garage door broke so he had to come in the side door. We got him GOOD. He had no clue. Kim threw a great party and we had a lot fun.

Sunday we started off the day by celebrating Liam's baptism. I thought it was pretty neat that a year ago on Mothers Day they announced they were pregnant and now a year later he was baptized. His buds Cameron and Rylee also were baptised. I think Carter liked VP's nursery better than ours too!

After baptism we headed to Pointe Lake for a wonderful lunch. Tim was having fun teasing Carter with the lemon. Jen's decor of lemons and limes made for great toys.

Carter and Norah playing together.

We actually celebrated Mothers Day with mom Meeuwsen last Sunday. We had mom and dad over for lunch. Carter helped Grandma Karen open her presents.

On Mothers Day we had my family over for dinner at night. Carter had to help Grandma Mary Ann open her gifts too.

Mom and her kids and grandson.

And last but not least we had our annual Friends of FRC dinner at the Amway for my work Monday night. I was in charge of ordering the flower arrangements and helping with setup. It was a great event and nice evening.

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kylie said...

You are becoming quite the cake decorator! Do I sense a new business venture? :) GO HOBBy LoBBY!!!