Monday, August 10, 2009

Cottage Weekend

This weekend we carried on our tradition of going to my Uncle Ken and Aunt Pam's cottage on Bass Lake in Pierson. This was our fourth year. We did get a LOT of rain Friday night and Saturday morning and again on Saturday night but we still had a lot of fun and Sunday was really nice. I have no clue how Carter can sleep through the loud storms...Brian and I can't!

Carter and Brian went tubing on Saturday and they had a blast.
If you watch the video you can see Carter wave and then Brian does. So cute!

Having fun playing in the water with daddy.
Uncle Ken's boat is over 20 years and still could pull 5 tubes...pretty good! Our cousins came up for the weekend too so that was a lot of fun!

Carter had been sleeping for 3 hours on Sunday so I went to check on him. The kid loves to sleep with something over his head or have it wonder he was still sleeping!

Helping Aunt Pam play corn toss. He was quite entertained putting them in and taking them back out.
And of course Brian did the sumo tube again. He wanted to do it right away. It's so fun to watch. My cousin Steph's fiance Jason did it too and it was so funny!

Thanks again guys for having us!

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The Rotman's said...

Sounds like a fun weekend. Kennedy like the video although she did say, mom, I think I like the other better when Brian falls off the tube. :-) She's funny. I have to look up 2008 and play that one for her now.