Monday, August 31, 2009

What we've been up to

Last weekend we decided we better power wash the was getting a little yucky. Carter was a big help as you can see. Always wanting to be like daddy!

Last Thursday my mom and I went to the Hudsonville Fair. Brian was there buying animals so we stopped by him a couple of times too. Carter LOVED the animals. I think he stuck his hand in every cage. It was so cute to see how excited he was.

Saturday we had the ZFS summer party at Craig's Cruisers in GR. Carter wanted to ride the go-karts so bad...he had the biggest alligator tears I have ever seen. He wasn't big enough though so daddy took our niece Karinda for a ride. Kylie went with me on the indoor ones.

Daddy made up for the go-kart ride by playing this game with Carter. We were able to get Carter a few prizes with our of which I got this little whistle for 10 tickets...who knew Carter would know how to use it???? Brian thinks its hilarious that he goes around blowing, not so much.

Then Saturday night Tim and Jen were going to watch Carter while we went to Berlin but they were canceled so we hung out with them instead. I about fell over when I seen what Liam was wearing! So funny and NOT planned!

Then today we got to go visit our new buddy Greyson Busscher! He is SO CUTE and looks just like his big sister Grace did as a newborn. Jackson and him are going to be such good buddies!

Now fall softball starts for Brian and my aerobics starts up again soon so we stay busy! Thankfully Brian isn't doing bowling this year...that will be so nice!

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GITTYUP said...

Hey Bri - can you come power wash ours this weekend? We've been putting it off for way too long this summer!!! Looks like you do a great job!!