Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Our little babushka

This afternoon Brian and I were able to take a sneak peek at the little miracle inside of me. Just that first glimpse of the arms and legs moving is so incredible. It's amazing to see the heart, nose, lips, fingers, toes, etc. This babe, as did Carter, measured exactly to my due date and the baby weighed 11 oz. The baby was SUPER wiggly and always had his or her hands by the face so it was hard for the tech to get good pics and measurements but after emptying my bladder twice she was able to get what she needed. Her are just a couple pics. The first one is of the baby looking right at you (kind of freaky!) and the second one is a profile pic.

Can we say another Meeuwsen forehead? :)
Cute little nose!
And trust me...we did NOT find out. I don't know we could have if we wanted too! Probably shouldn't have had those smarties before the ultrasound. :) We will just have to wait and be surprised in April! Please continue to pray for another healthy baby!

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