Monday, December 21, 2009

Parties and more parties = BUSY!

Despite Carter catching a cold (no, we can't win over here) we had a busy weekend full of fun and he did great. Friday night we had the Top Christmas party (Brian's mom's side). Here Carter is entertaining Great Grandpa Top and Uncle John.
Opening his super cute and comfy camoflauge outfit...he wore it Saturday already!
Then on Saturday we went out with Tim, Jen and Liam to see Santa Claus and to the live Nativity at the Critter Barn. Oh and yes, Carter wore the same shirt all weekend...can only wear it for so long! Jen made them for the boys...adorable as always. The boys weren't sure what to think of Santa but didn't cry either. Doesn't Santa looked thrilled? :)
Between seeing Santa and heading to the Critter Barn my camera battery died and Tim and Jen's camera lens broke so I only have some pictures on my phone. Carter LOVED the animals though and wanted to touch all of them. We will definitely be going back. Then we picked up pizza and headed to Tim and Jen's for the boys to open gifts.
Carter tearing into his Eco friendly's so cool and the kid LOVES it.
We bought Liam some crayons, markers, paper and a magna doodle. Jen's trying to show him how to use it. Surprisingly he actually drew a little with the crayons already!
Phew...then Sunday we had the DeJonge Christmas party. Carter had to have Aunt Betty get out her matchbox cars. Such a boy!
Great grandma bought Carter a Handy Manny he is opening it with cousin Justin.
We played some crazy of which we all got a little dressed up (you could say!). To spare embarrassment from my family I'll just post the lovely glasses I got to wear. As you can see Carter loved to wear them too..
Here is the whole De Jonge gang...minus just a couple.
After such a busy weekend Carter and enjoyed our Monday PJ day. We did go outside and play in the snow for a bit and Carter wanted to play with his shovel and bucket but mittens just stink for the little guy so I took a bucket of snow inside...he LOVED it and it kept him entertained for a while! Maybe next time I'll have to color it a bit for some more fun!

And as everyone else....more parties this week! Merry Christmas to all!

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Lynette said...

Seriously, snow inside, what a GREAT idea! Never even crossed my mind!