Monday, December 14, 2009

Weekend Fun (& some not so fun)

Carter got to go to work with Brian on Saturday morning and then they came home and wanted to go sledding. So off to the OAC hill we went. Carter wasn't too sure of it at first as you can see, so Brian said we were going to send him down the hill by himself. Here he is ready to go down by himself!

Can you see his BIG grin??? Mr. Independent LOVED going down by himself. Crazy kid! He'll tell ya all about it too!
Saturday night we had the extended Meeuwsen party at our church. Carter got a Magna Doodle from Great Grandma and Grandpa that he LOVES! He loves to color so I thought that would be a good idea. And check out his CUTE shirt that Jenni made him....he has another cute one too that I can't wait for him to wear.
Then yesterday was a good day until Carter got up from his nap. He seemed fine so he went with Brian to wash my truck and when they came home I was helping him take his coat off and he started to throw up! Ugh, and I can't handle that so I lost my lunch too! Thankfully daddy our super hero was home to help! Carter threw up one more time last night but seems okay today. Not really hungry but drinking so hopefully it was just a little bug in his system.

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The Rotman's said...

Love your highlights. Super fun and super cute. Bummer about the flu big. 'Tis the season for all that good stuff, hey?