Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Another cottage getaway

This past weekend we enjoyed our annual trip to Bass Lake in Pierson at my Aunt and Uncle's cottage. We always have so much fun and it was so nice that all my cousins and their spouses came up too. Brian's Great Uncle has a few seadoos so they let us borrow them for the weekend. They were a lot of fun and Carter loved to go with daddy. The boys were SPOILED by all the attention and loving they got all weekend. Cousin-in-law Jason took Carter for a paddle boat ride.
Everybody hanging on the deck. Looks as if Carter is telling everyone what he wants to do next. :)
Brian and Matt went for a kneeboard ride together.
Carter and I were the spotters on the boat.
Trey, well he was perfect baby Trey all weekend and just chilled out. He got lots of love from my family!
Yum...had a delicious Sunday dinner after going to 'tent church' at Pine Grove CRC. Carter came out of nursery with a craft and t-shirt...he was so excited!
Carter loved to feed the fish. He even laid on the dock and netted some and put them in a bucket. He even liked to dangle his feet on the dock and have them bite his toes...he is such a BOY!
Thanks Uncle Ken and Aunt Pam for hosting us once again!

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