Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Baby Girl Update

Had a Dr.'s appt. today and all is still going great. Dr. G. read the report from the ultrasound and all looked good. I asked him about my due date since the ultrasound showed a date of Oct. 6 but he said we will still stick with Oct. 15 but wrote down 'maybe a week earlier.' The boys both came early so here's to hoping! I have been measuring about a cm small each week...not complaining! Of course the weight keeps going up and up! Her heartbeat is right on track for a girl...160 bpm. My boys definitely had 'boy' heartbeats so I can say they were true to the guesses we all make when it comes to the heartbeats being high or low. I have still been feeling great and Brian is quickly realizing how fortunate he is to have a wife that has had three smooth sailing pregnancies! :) Carter asked me the other day why I had bought chocolate milk and I told him that mommy will take chocolate in any form she can get it! Definitely a craving! He has been enjoying the sweet treat with me. He asks me about every day when his baby sister is going to come. I told him the other day that she will come out when it's pumpkin season and Brian said, yep, once mommy's belly is as big as a pumpkin she will come out! :) Trey on the other hand...well...it's going to be hard on the little guy. Whether it's Carter or a baby on my lap he does not like it....definitely loves his mommy! I'll take the cuddling though...I just love it from my boys as I know these days will fly by. I have enjoyed filling the closet with pink but never thought I would feel so awkward shopping in the girl section....still seems so surreal!

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