Monday, June 27, 2011

Busy boy!

Last week Carter was able to attend VBS at our church (Community Ref. in Zeeland). He of course LOVED it. And he got to have his friends Alyssa and Jackson in his class too. He is in the first row hanging over the pew with the bandana on his head in this pic.
Sunday morning Alyssa came to our church for the finale. He did all the motions during practice but just stood there during the real performance! He was SO tired from a busy week and our neighborhood party the night before.

The last couple of weeks Carter once again took swimming lessons at our friend Lindsey's pool. We missed having Miss Martha as a teacher his year but Miss Jen from the Aquatic center did a great job and Carter really improved from day one. It helped that his buddy Jackson was in his class too...they did AWESOME!

Looks like he's swimming away...and probably not supposed to be!
Being the class clown and goofing off!
Learning to kick on his back.
Racing to the beach ball with Jackson.
And we can't forget Carter's biggest fan Trey! It was a fun couple of weeks for all the kiddos and for us moms to...I love catching up with some old friends and of course reminding ourselves that all our kiddos are in the same toddler stage which can be challenging at times! There were a lot of baby bellies too....all little girlies on the way!

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