Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Summer Randomness

Completely random post of some things we have been up to!

A few weeks back we headed out to Grand Haven for a nice walk along the boardwalk. It was a gorgeous night and Carter even talked Brian into buying us some ice cream. :) We don't get out there as much as we used to so it was a great family night.
Our little pirate Trey. His eyes seem extremely sensitive to the light so if you have seen him this summer you have definitely seen this look! :)
I love all our summer traditions and another one is going to our friend's parents house on Green Lake. It gets busier each year with all the kids but it was a HOT day and the kiddos all napped so we got to relax too. Here Pete is running in the sprinkler ball with Jace and Carter. The water balloons they brought were a hit too!
Carter and Brian heading out for a sea doo ride.
Our neighbor Sydney came over one night to play and first Trey came upstairs eating chalk and I should have known there was trouble downstairs. Next Syd and Carter came up and had covered their faces and told me they were clowns. :) I had to laugh and snap a picture.
To cool off one night last week we went to the splash pad in Allendale. It took Carter a while to warm up to it but once he found some cute little girls to play with he was all about it.
Sunday night we celebrated our nephew Kasen's first birthday. An adorable farm theme....Kim did a great job...so cute!
Took a minute for Kasen to dig in...he loved all the attention. It was so cute.
Cousins! Kasen loves his thumb as much as Trey does. :) We had to snap a picture quickly!
I'll try better to update more often!

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The Busscher Family... said...

Great pics Kel! Looks like you guys are having a fantastic summer so far!!