Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Big Star Weekend

A few weekends ago we went to Big Star Lake with DeWitts. Each year we add another baby so the cottage seems to be shrinking! The kids did great though and we had a beautiful weekend. Here are the three amigos (aka trouble!): Jacob, Carter and Deacon.
Thankfully Trey was over his two weeks of being crabby and was really happy all weekend. He was content either playing in the sand or with buckets of water. And LOVED hanging out with the dog Quincy (chocolate lab) too.
After seeing Carter go for a tube ride with daddy there was no way that daddy wasn't going to take Trey! He had a blast and thought he was big stuff!
Carter didn't like his tube ride with daddy but thought he would have fun with Martha and Jacob and then he loved it! A little bribery of candy and chocolate milk helped too. :)
Brian tried out the wakeboard and got right up on his second try...
Jason took a turn as well.
One project was for Brian and Jason to put this water trampoline together. We 'bathed' in the middle of the lake so the boys rode on the tramp as we towed it out.
Is Deacon not the cutest?? I didn't get any pictures of Tenley but she was such a good baby all weekend...I loved to hold her and cuddle with her! It was good for Carter and Trey to be around a little one as well..they both did great.
Sunday morning Brian and Jason took Carter and Jacob for a kayak ride.
Buddies! So cute!
Oh and yes, I was on this vacation too...a quick picture for proof. The boys were just up from naps.
Thanks again Jason and Martha for another wonderful weekend....LOVE our summer tradition!

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