Friday, July 1, 2011

Turning 30 wasn't so bad...

when you have great friends and family! I think I strung it out over a week between lunch and dinners with friends and two parties! Sunday night my parents had both our families over to celebrate and surprised me by inviting extra family members and my BFF Jen and her fam over as well. It was a beautiful night.
Carter helping me open presents.
30 circles with #30 on it...made by Cakes by Carol....fabulous!
Carter and Liam helping me blow out the candles.
Even my co-workers had fun decorating my office with post-it notes.
On my actual birthday Brian told me we were going to go out on his parents boat to go to Boatwerks for dinner. As we pulled in there were quite a few cars there and he surprised me with a cook out with all our friends and family!

The kids were excited to swim in the pool and it is so nice now that we can just put a life jacket on Carter and he can swim by himself.
Cake #2!
My fav neighbor girls...Abby, Sydney, Kylee and Rylee.
Sydney, Carter and Jacob having fun on the swing.
Brian stayed home in the morning so the boys could sing happy birthday to me. I have been having fun with my new Nook Color and as you can see Carter was more excited about the M&M's he got me. :)
And a HUGE thank you to my amazing husband for such an incredible birthday. He really made it special and I truly am blessed!

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