Saturday, January 14, 2012

My Besties

Taking a break from a family post to a friend post. These lovely ladies are truly my best friends, Kathy (left) and Jenni (right).

Jen and I have known each other our entire lives. She was actually born on the day I was baptized. When we were about 3 she moved into my neighborhood and from then on we were inseparable. We didn't go to the same church or school but since we each only had one brother we were basically sisters. And of course fought like sisters at times too! You name it, Jen and I have done it together....we even worked together in high school and she met her husband b/c of me. :) We now live only 4 miles apart and I know we will be best friends for life!

Kathy and I met in high school at Holland Christian. Our freshman year after seeing each other in class after class we soon realized we had 6 classes together and from then on out we became friends. Her friends from HC welcomed a small town girl from Borculo into their group. :) As a family each summer we always vacationed at Hutchins Lake and it was cool to find out Kathy LIVED on that lake! We lived about 45 minutes apart but spent many a weekends together!

With both of these gals we have been through a lot...they both lost small children and through that they were able to support each other and help me know how to help the other one. They truly are girl friends that I know will be friends for life. You ladies have been such a blessing to me and not a week goes by where we don't talk. You have been a shoulder to cry on, an ear for listening and given me advice when needed. You often find things out before Brian :) and I love you girls more than you will ever know! Thank you for being you! I know God hand picked you to be in my life.

And these are the three handsome little dudes that are now best friends! We all had boys within 6 months of each other and Carter adores Liam (left) and Jackson (right). My prayer is that they remain friends growing up as they see the friendship that their mommy's have!

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The Busscher Family... said...

Awww, thanks Kel such a sweet post! I am so thankful God put YOU in my life as are such a blessing to me and my family!! Love ya!!