Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Snow Fun

A few pics of some winter fun over here at the Meeuwsen's. On the days it's way too cold to go outside we take the snow inside! The boys LOVE it. We add food coloring to a water bottle and I let them play away. With a towel underneath their stuff it really isn't messy at all. Carter loves to help he is helping him shovel the driveway on a chilly Saturday morning.
Before the snow all melted on Monday Carter and I went outside to quick build a snowman. friend Kath wasn't kidding when she said it's a workout! By noon our snowman was melted but we still had fun doing it.
As you can see Trey is not in the outdoor pictures. He HATES all his snow stuff on...I even made him put it all on the other day and put him outside and he threw a fit. I know it is hard when they are so little so he was content as can be just watching us from the window. When the boys are inside they LOVE to love on their little sis. :)

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Kelly Check out the danielsfive blog we got you in it when we took malachi's pictures of his exam.