Sunday, April 8, 2012

The Boy's Birthday Bash

Wow, what a fun day we had yesterday celebrating the boy's birthdays. Carter was 4 on March 28 and Trey will be 2 on April 20 so it made most sense to do a combined party for them. Let's just worked out GREAT!!! This was by far the least stressful party for me yet! :) We told the boys on Friday that daddy had been working on a special present for them so since 6:30 Saturday morning Carter had his nose to the window waiting for the 'delivery guy' to bring him his present. 10:00 am couldn't come soon enough! Yes, the boys now have their own real life monster truck!!! (unfortunately my good camera broke so these pics are not the greatest quality)
Greg, Brian's co-worker, has spent countless hours over the past 4 months helping Brian getting it ready to go. Brian would go to Greg's every Wednesday night and then Saturday afternoons while the kids napped. Brian is forever indebted to him! Part of the deal was that Greg got to drive it up the driveway to give it to the boys. I am so glad we video taped it b/c Carter was beyond's so cute! Here are the boys giving Greg a little gift for all his help.

The personalized plate Brian and I picked out a few months ago. I have a feeling Jade and I may have many shopping trips coming up while the boys play in the dunes. :)
The finished product...this was actually the first time I seen it in person and I have to admit I was pretty impressed. All strapped in and ready for a ride! Unfortunately one of the last parts they put in didn't work as planned so the boys made it into town and then also experienced being towed back to Greg's. But they didn't care; they at least got a ride! So hopefully next weekend we can all go for a ride.
Then after naps our family and friends came over for their 'Cars' themed party. Or as Carter would say, his Lightnin McQueen and Mater party.

The food aka Pit Stop table.

After dinner it was time for presents. Can we say spoiled????
Carter, Trey and Jade by the gifts. Yep, even Jade put her Cars party skirt on. :)

Quick family pic before cake and ice-cream.

The race car cake I made. By far the easiest cake I have made.
Blowing out candles with Liam and Sydney helping.
Phew, what a day! The perfect ending was a big hug and kiss and thank you from Carter before he went to bed. That definitely made all the hard work worth it. We love you boys!

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The Busscher Family... said...

love it Kel... fabulous job! What a super fun day for the boys and tell Bri great job on the truck too! Hopefully lots of fun memories to be made with the boys!