Monday, April 16, 2012

Jade @ 6 months

We finally had Jade's 6 month appt. last week and she weighed in at 13 lbs. 14 oz (5th %) and was 25.5 inches (25th %) so she is still our little peanut. Carter and Trey were a good 15 and 16 lbs. at this age. Once again she wasn't a fan of the shots and was a little sensitive for a couple days and had a fever. I think this picture explains 6 months the best...she loves to grab and eat her toes!
She is still a great baby and very content and happy. She does like her momma just a tad. :) She still takes two great naps, sometimes a cat nap at night and sleeps about 8-8. She continues to LOVE her brothers and Carter can make her giggle like no one else can. Him and I often fight over who gets to hold her. :) She definitely is a wiggle worm and I think she is going to be a busy little girl. She reaches and grabs for EVERYTHING. Even when you hold her she either buries herself in your neck or tries to grab and eat your face. :) Love you little miss! Can't believe you are 1/2 way to ONE already!

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