Monday, April 30, 2012

Trey Turns Two!

On Treys's actual birthday, April 20, we headed to Chuck E Cheese's with just the five of us for some fun.  The boys had a BLAST and it was a cheap, fun, entertaining time! Surprisingly they both liked Chuck E.  It took Trey a little bit to warm up to him but soon they were both dancing with him.

Once we got home we continued celebrating with cupcakes from Holland Cakery (surprise, surprise) and the boys got to open one last gift from Grandpa Cliff and Grandma Karen that we had saved (new chairs!).   

I think the boys got the best deal by combining their big birthday party this year they actually had 3 special days to celebrate!  Trey buddy, we love you to pieces despite your tantrums and angry moments you are a sweetheart that loves to please everyone and loves to cuddle.  You definitely fit the roll of a middle look up to your big brother and want to do everything he can and always are helping your little sister.   You are the cutest little boy ever and you melt our hearts with your little looks!  And you will always be our little Linus with your thumb in the mouth and blankie over the shoulder. :)

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