Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Must be a comfort thing...

In the last couple of weeks we noticed that Lucky likes to lay by our clothes. Not sure if it is our scent that she enjoys or if she feels protected laying next to something. Last night I was folding laundry and she fell asleep right next to the piles. Then Brian came home from basketball so she came in the bedroom and laid on his pants. I know, cats ARE strange creatures but she is so darn cute, how can you resist her?
Little background on our cat--Lucky is probably about a year old. The day after Thanksgiving last year my mom "rescued" her so she thought we should have her. She was probably only about 5-6 weeks old. I was game for having her; on the other hand Brian came home and was NOT happy with me. We always thought we would be the couple that had deprived kids b/c we wouldn't have any animals. For one, I am very allergic to dogs and cats don't bother me near as much so I have always liked them. If you saw how Brian acted with Lucky today you would die of laughter. It's pretty pathetic but he looks for her when he comes home before me! She is very low maintenance. She goes in and out as she wants so no litter box to deal with and she is very good with our neighbor kids. She's not one of those typical cats that you never see around the house. Okay, enough on our cat! Next spring the cat will probably be obsolete and all you will hear about is the baby! :o)

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