Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Our little miracle

Yesterday we had our 20 week ultrasound...what an amazing thing to witness! It was so neat to see the arms, legs, hands, face, etc., etc. We hear that little heartbeat every month which is awesome but to see our baby was truely amazing! It seemed as if the baby was sucking its thumb...that would be thanks to Brian! Hopefully the baby doesn't have the stubborn Meeuwsen blood too! :o) And we stayed strong and didn't find out what the baby was. The tech did a great job of not showing us those parts! She said we have a VERY wiggly baby that wouldn't quit moving around.

Driving home yesterday I read Borculo CRC's sign and it said, "Thank God today for the gift of life." It brought tears to my eyes. It really sunk in to think that I am carrying a human being inside of me...God is awesome!


Anonymous said...

We're so excited and happy for you guys! The ultrasound was really what made the pregnancy feel truly real to us. Isn't it amazing? Enjoy your last 20 weeks because it's over before you know it. We'll continue to pray for an easy pregnancy and for a healthy baby. By the way...I voted for a girl :)

DeWitt Family said...

God is Awesome!!!! :) What an exciting time for you. We pray that you continue to feel good and remain healthy through the second half of your pregnancy!!!

Jeff, Kylie, Parker, Griffin and Tessa said...

It is an amazing thing to see isn't it. So happy that things are going well and we will pray for continued health!!! Happy Thanksgiving!!!