Monday, May 23, 2011

Tulip Time

We once again celebrated Holland's Tulip Time with our little dutch boys in style. We went downtown a couple of nights with our families and also hit the Wednesday parade with Jen and Liam and the DeWitt and Bouwens crew. It was great weather this year and we had a lot of fun soaking up the festivities and of course the junk food!
Mom and Dad De Jonge with the boys.
The boys with our nephew was next to impossible to get a good picture!
My brother Mike and sister-in-law Kim with Kasen.
Couple of family pictures.
Wednesday parade with Deacon and Jacob. I left Trey at day care so he could get a nap in and so I could have some one on one time with was definitely worth it and fun!
Jen and Liam.
Dutch dancing! :)
It was HOT so all the kiddos didn't last to long in their costumes.

The Meeuwsen boys with the dutch statues.

Mom and dad Meeuwsen with the boys.
Looking forward to next year with three little ones!

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