Thursday, May 5, 2011

Boys and their toys

The ONLY (yes, only my little girlies!) benefit of our nieces moving to Nebraska was that they didn't take their JD Gator with and said our boys could use it. So, Brian surprised Carter and took it home on Saturday for him. We were amazed at how quickly he figured it out and has the gears and reverse all down pat already! He has literally driven it every day since then and drives it until the battery goes dead...he's going to be wearing a path in the grass around the neighborhood soon enough! Thanks Eric and Kate and girls!

Didn't take long for him to go pick up his BF Syndey. She has her own gator too so now they just follow each other around. :)

Can't forget about our little guy Trey and his car! He loves to fly down the driveway hill just as Carter always did at this age!

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