Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Beach Night Fun

Last week we hit three different beaches in three nights...gotta get it all in before summer ends! Thursday night we took out Eric and Kate's boat (thanks guys!) to Port Sheldon and had fun swimming and playing. Unfortunately I forgot my camera. The boys got pulled over by our police buddy Travis and got ice-cream 'tickets' for wearing their life jackets. :)

Friday night Brian came home with his buddy's monster truck to keep the boys entertained for the weekend since the weather wasn't nice enough to head up to Ludington to stay with mom and dad Meeuwsen on the boat. So we went to Grand Haven beach to swim and play and of course ice-cream!

Saturday night we took our neighbor Sydney and headed out in the monster truck to Holland State Park. We picked up dinner on the way and then walked the pier and the kiddos played in the sand.

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