Monday, September 19, 2011

Crane's Orchards

Yesterday afternoon we headed out for our annual apple picking excursion. Usually I go with my sister-in-law and nieces and my mother-in-law but since the girls had to move away :( I wasn't sure they would be around to go this year and since I am uncertain when this little baby girl is going to come I needed to get this off my check list. :) So, we took daddy along to experience apple picking with us!
Trey had fun just rolling around in the grass and of course picking up all the nasty apples off the ground.

53 lbs. later we were ready to go! And this probably won't get us through a year of applesauce...we'll see! We picked Honey Crisp and Golden Supreme...yum! I already made a batch of apple crisp for dinner tonight.
After apple picking we headed to the restaurant for dinner. It was crazy busy outside but we got right in inside and enjoyed a yummy meal. The boys loved checking out all the antiques they have.
One last pic on the milk jugs eating a donut before we leave. Till next year!

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