Monday, June 2, 2008

5 Random Things

I was tagged by Martha to share 5 random things about goes nothing!

1. I am allergic to dogs and horses and about anything hairy. My dad started training and racing horses when I was born and never knew I would be allergic to the darn things! I remember a field trip to his farm when I was in elementary school and I had to sit outside the whole time or else I would be sneezing and wheezing. When I was little I would sneeze when my mom would do my hair. Thankfully I grew out of that. And dogs...I make sure I take a Claritin when I know I am going to someones house with a dog (and yes, almost everyone has them!) and I always carry my inhaler with just in case.

2. I started off college thinking I was going to become a CPA (Certified Public Accountant)...yeah, right! We all know I am not smart enough for that. I didn't figure that out until my senior year in college when I switched to HR...much easier and it gives me a reason to be chatty at work...need to make sure employees are happy, right??!!

3. It drives me nuts that Brian can go outside and not be attached by mosquitos. As most of you know we live in some thick woods and with the standing water around here they practically carry me away. Brian can be outside for hours (without bug spray on) and not get bitten. I was out for 5 minutes on Saturday watering my flowers and came in with over 5 bites on one stinks! And I hate wearing bug spray but made sure I showered in it this weekend. :) At least I can say that I must have sweet blood!

4. Someone at work told me that you have babies just like your mom did. It was quite something when Carter was born posterior (face up) and 8 days was I!!! Crazy, eh?

5. more....I guess I would have to say I am obsessed with checking my email. I love getting emails; daily I am checking my personal and work email accounts several times. I know email is less personal than phone calls but so much more convenient! Along with email I love blogging and checking others keep yours updated to amuse me and I will try and do the same!

I tag: Vicki, Kim, Briana, Kathy, and Jodi.

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