Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Testing out the baby jogger

Monday night Carter and I thought we would try out the baby jogger with our neighbors Briana & Sydney. I know Carter is technically to little to be in it but ya only live once, right? Bri and I went around the block and tried jogging a little bit but we both soon figured out breastfeeding and jogging don't go well together! :)

Today Carter and I went for a walk with the DeWitts and Busschers. We probably looked like quite the crew with 3 strollers! It was a little drizzly but the kids were tough and Grace and Jacob didn't mind the rain. Hopefully next time we can let them play at the park and have a picnic together.

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DeWitt Family said...

Thanks for inviting us along. It was great to have a little push to get out in the drizzly weather.