Wednesday, January 7, 2009

9 months in, 9 months out

Today we had Carter's 9 month appt. He weighed 19 lbs exactly which puts him in the 25% percentile for weight and he was 28.75 inches long so between the 50th and 75th percentile for height. He has been in the same percentiles since birth so he grows at a steady pace! :) He isn't crawling or pulling himself up on things so we need to work on that but how do you push such a content baby? The Dr. said it may be a blessing in disguise that he doesn't crawl for our trip next week...I was thinking the same thing. No teeth yet but they say the later the better! I hope they all come in at once! He still is such a happy baby--sleeps from 8-8 and takes two great naps. He loves other little kids and laughs at about every kid he sees. He was laughing so hard at our Christmas party this past weekend he had tears coming was hilarious. He isn't scared to go to anyone which is so nice and smiles at anyone that walks by. He will eat anything you give him (that is if he gets to feed himself) and he 'talks' like crazy. He truly is our pride and joy and we couldn't have asked for a more healthy and perfect little guy. Now if only someone would say he's so good because of his wonderful parents! :)

Now we just need prayers that he is his happy self on the plane ride next week!


DeWitt Family said...

Sounds like Carter continues to be a pretty perfect little guy! Hope your trip goes well. We will have to get together with you guys when we get home.

The Rotman's said...

Be thankful and enjoy him not being mobile just yet. It's a blessing, really. Have a fun vacation. I'm sure he'll be great on the plane as it does sound like he's an exceptional baby. I can't believe he sleeps like 12 hrs. straight. I need to get in on your secret. :-)