Friday, January 16, 2009

Hi from Florida!

Well I thought we better update on everyone on our Florida trip. The guys made it here on Tuesday afternoon and Stac and I and the boys flew in on Wed. night. The boys did very well on the flights despite our two hour delay in Atlanta. They were quite entertained by everyone and charmers as always. Here they are waiting for their first flight.

Carter and I waiting for take off on flight #2.

Jace doing what he does best. :)
Unfortunately the cold front that is happening at home is hitting Florida too. Thankfully we took the Wii and it is keeping us entertained. (And yes, Jen, this is a game where you are supposed to use your hands, not your feet). :)
This morning the guys went fishing. Check out that fish that Pete caught!

Stac and I and the boys went to go pick up the guys so we thought we better snap a family pic.
Thankfully the sun shone today and Stac and I were able to lay out in our tank tops. It was probably only about 60 but it was warm when you were in the sun. Looks like the next couple of days its supposed to get warmer. We hope so!
Tonight we went to eat at the White Elephant. It's nice b/c there are several places we can walk to for shopping and eating.

After we got back from dinner Pete and Stac ran some errands for us so Brian and I were on bath duty. Here is skinny minny Carter and Michelin baby Jace. Carter is about exactly 4 months older. Hard to tell though! :)
Here's the dudes checking themselves out after baths. Thanks for the towels Grandma Sue!


The Geurinks said...

Nothing wrong with skinny babies:-). Carter is too cute!! I hope it gets warmer for you guys--but whatever the temp is in FL it's a LOT warmer than it is here! Enjoy your trip!

GITTYUP said...

yeah, the weather is deffinately warmer than it is here!!! OK - the pic of the boys together in their diapers is totally cute. You'd swear theat it was a split screan and jace was enlarged to look bigger than Carter. Dispite your size difference, you both are too hansome, I love it!
Pete - was that the catch of the day or just bait for the big fish - I hope it was just bait.
Have a great rest of the trip. We look forward to hearing more stories upon your safe return!

GITTYUP said...

OK - I forgot to ask why the boys are on thier hands and knees in the wii pic. Is this not supposed to be exercise? Get up and use your feet! I guess I'll excuse it since yo uare on vacation.