Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Oh here we go!

Can I just say I am so ready for a sunny vacation? Instead of taking my time packing yesterday the guys decided to leave last night instead of tonight so I was a little stressed but managed to get all the laundry done and packed and Pete and Brian were on the road around 8 pm. They should arrive at the condo this afternoon. They managed to beat most of the bad weather and just hit a little snow in Indiana. So I am sure they will have everything unpacked and put away for Stac and I. Ha,ha!

This morning I think I turned the whole house upside down trying to find Carter's birth certificate. You would think I would have put it in the fireproof safe. Well it wasn't there. Thankfully Stacey called and she helped me remember where I had put it! And she also helped me decide whether or not to take Carter into the doctor. He has been playing with his left ear and today his nose was nasty so I took him in and the Dr. was pretty certain he wouldn't have one b/c he has been fine otherwise but low and behold he has one! I am already nervous for flying with him tomorrow and now we have to fly with an ear infection! Argh!! Thankfully he has been pretty happy and its mild so I am praying we will be okay!

Alrighty, ta, ta for now and off to sunny Florida we go!

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GITTYUP said...

I hope you all made it to Florida safe and sound, I'm dying to hear how it went!
Have some fun in the sun today!!!