Friday, October 2, 2009

18 months!

Yep, our little buddy turned 18 months on Monday. He didn't have his appt. until today so I thought I would wait to update. He weighed 24 lbs. 8 oz (25th), he was 32.25 inches (50th) and his head was 90th as always. :) He had to get a couple fun but other than that the Dr. commented on what a little personality he had and how he was a little charmer..he cracks me up. Beside the fall in the waiting room the appt. went well and he is right on track. My camera is acting up so I can't put pics on but here are some my mom took of Carter...see, he's already ready for a sibling! :)

Does that one not just crack you up? So funny! I have loved every stage from newborn to toddler but lately he is just so fun. He can just follow Brian around outside for hours and loves to play with his daddy. He loves to play hide and seek, he has discovered the snack cupboard and lately I have to say I think he has hit the 'no' stage. He knows most of his body parts, animal noises and is starting to talk a little and tries to repeat us. Most days he still takes a morning nap which is nice so I can't complain. He finally just had two molars come through so he has 8 teeth...still not many! I know there was more I wanted to say but can't remember...I am sure once I get the pics on here I'll add more! We still love every minute with our little guy and he is such a blessing in our lives!

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Martha DeWitt said...

Can't believe he is 18 months!! Feels like forever since we have seen the little guy. Give him a big hug from the DeWitt Family!!!