Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Pregnancy Post

Since I haven't posted much on my pregnancy I thought I would with some Q&A...I'll try to think of everything I have been asked! :)
First of all these are the beautiful roses my mom and dad gave us when they found out.Q1: How have you been feeling?
A1: GREAT! Honestly that is one thing I am blessed with when I am pregnant...I can't say I even have any symptons. I was tired for a few days but nothing too bad. The only thing that I can say I have is a bad gagging reflux....I remember this with Carter too. I gag so easily if I cough, change a dirty diaper, brush my teeth, or think I am going to wierd but if that's it then I can deal with it!

Q2: Are you going to find out what you are having?
A2: NOPE! I kind of wanted to this time but Brian doesn't so we aren't going to. Carter's delivery was extremely painful b/c he was posterior so I need something to motivate me to push! It is fun not knowing and that others don't as well.

Q3: Will you move Carter?
A3: YEP! The little guy will have to move to the basement into a big boy bed! Lots of changes to make this winter. This weekend I cleaned out his soon-to-be bedroom and we picked up the large room in the basement so we are ready! Feels so good to have that all done already...I feel like I am nesting already! :) Now to figure out how to decorate Carter's room.

Q4: How have your Dr.'s appts gone?
A4: GOOD...we have had 3 so far. We got to have an early ultrasound at 7 weeks to make sure there was only one babe...between talk of the registration lady and the Dr. they all were hoping for twins! No such luck there! I have to take many months of drugs to get preggo (hence all the crappy weight gain again) and since we had to endure that again they wanted to make sure everything looked good and it did! At 10 weeks they couldn't pick up the heartbeat b/c my uterus was tipped so we went back last week and got to hear it....always a sweet sound to hear!

Q5: What does Carter think?
A5: He has NO clue! Thankfully it will be another spring baby so Carter can play outside so we aren't couped up inside. Oh and for those that can't do math they will be almost 25 months apart.

Q6: Are you going to get the H1N1 shot?
A6: YES! At first I was leary of it but after doing some research and talking to my doc they should have them next time I go in. I think I will probably have Carter get one too.

Q7: Are you going to keep working after baby #2?
A7: Yes, as of now I plan on keeping the same schedule. I like to get out and its nice for grandma's to have their days too.

Well that's probably enough for now! If you have any more questions feel free to leave it in the comments!

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