Friday, October 30, 2009

Girlfriends Getaway

Last weekend me, my mom, Debi and Jenni headed to Chicago on a bus trip with about 50 wild women. It was SO FUN. We had an absolute blast. On Friday we stopped at MI City on the way down and it wasn't raining there! We played some games on the way down and my mom won 2nd place which was $75! She was kind enough to share her winnings with me! :) Friday night we were on our own for dinner so we met up with Ashley DW and her boyfriend Ryan at the Grand Lux...delicious! Here are 3 other beautiful ladies that are friends of Debi's. Tami, Moni, and Michelle. Even though I couldn't have the fun drinks like everyone else, wherever we went the waiters were kind enough to make me a pretty drink too!The whole group including Ashley. Ryan was kind enough to be our photographer and he survived being the only guy with us! Later that night we hit the Howling Moon piano bar...similar to Mojo's...a packed house!
Saturday we headed to Ikea and Woodfield Mall. I had never been to Ikea and I found some good, cheap stuff! The sign on this picture kind of made for a bad glare but we stayed at the Embassy Suites Downtown. Made to order omelets every morning...yum! Beautiful hotel and they treated us great!
Saturday night was definitely a highlight. We went on a dinner cruise off Navy Pier. The food was great, the dancing was fun and they even had fireworks out on the lake. So cool! We had a blast!
Sunday morning we headed to Macy's before they opened and we went to a Smashbox Cosmetics class. They even flew in one of the directors to lead our class. It was a lot of fun and it always feels good to try some new tips. The rest of the day was spent shopping downtown Chicago. It was beautiful and sunny. We made it home about 9:00 Sunday night. Can't wait to go next year!

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